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Original art organized into varying styles and mediums

Abstract Painting

Acrylic Paintings

Acrylic on wood and canvas

Digital Art

Mixed media Photoshop compositions, finished artworks consisting of photographs, drawings, and original digital art

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Pen, marker, pencil, pastel, and ink drawings on paper

 Pen on Paper Collage

This piece is a three year long collage compiling together my black and white abstract art throughout my time in high school, collaged onto a 32" x 48" board to tell an engaging story and take the viewer on winding journey through imagery, written word, and text.

Fine line abstract art collage
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Nine From One

This collection of nine paintings was done on a 24" x 30" piece of cold press watercolor paper, painted halfway, then cut into nine 8" x 10" pieces, each of which were finished to tell their own story, to stand alone or add to the narrative amongst the group.

Trip Through My Wires

As the subjects weave through chambers of introspection they find their deepest fears spelled out by the very matter that makes up all of the comprehendible world around them. This narrative develops from simple objection to frightening abstraction as the legibility of their reality slips beyond their finger tips.

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